Hotel Development
Technical Service
Owner Representation
Turn-Around Management
Corporate Finance
Valuation & Transaction Support
Revenue & E-Commerce Management

Valuation & Transaction Support

A successful hotel transaction is based on the correct valuation of the hotel property and a market-compliant formulation of the contracts.

Hotel Valuation

Different circumstances prompt owners or potential buyers to ascertain the income value of a hotel property. MRP hotels is familiar with the respective requirements and appropriate methods.

Mergers & Acquisitions

MRP hotels supports its customers with company acquisitions.

Property and Location Search

MRP hotels supports both developers and hotel operators in their search for new locations.

Negotiation Support

By combining market knowledge and access to current project data, MRP hotels creates a decisive informational edge in contract negotiations.

Condition Report / Technical Due Diligence

MRP hotels performs the technical and structural appraisal of hotel properties and fittings.